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Our Vision


  • Teen Education Program
  • Comprehensive Adult Program
  • Individualized and Affordable Packages
  • Online Course
  • Road Test

Jireh Driving School, will provide each student with:

  • Attention and patience
  • Necessary rules to obey all traffic laws
  • Knowledge needed to safely operate and automobile
  • Vital tools required to become a safe and defensive driver

Jireh Driving School, was founded on the belief that we can increase the number of Safe and Defensive Drivers on our roadways, while significantly reducing the number of fatalities.

Over the past ten years, our primary focus has been to equipped hundreds of students with the necessary tools needed to make responsible decisions behind-the-wheel.  We are locally owned and operated and licensed by the State of Georgia Department of Driving Services.  Here at Jireh Driving School, you will learn a variety of skills and techniques used by experienced drivers that will become useful when faced with adverse driving situations. We are passionate about providing our Teenage and Adult Learners with the necessary tools needed to make responsible decisions behind-the-wheel.